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LMN Product Release 21.06

With Mike Lysecki

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LMN Product Release 21.03

With Mike Lysecki

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LMN Product Release 21.01

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LMN Product Release 20.11

With Mike Lysecki

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21.06 Product Updates:

New! Invoice from Estimates

  • Send invoices to your customers 10x faster without having to setup a job in LMN Time. Now you can create invoices from contract payment milestones as well as contract schedule payments within LMN Estimating. This will allow you to easily collect pre-job payments (deposits) from your customers right away!
  • We’ve made it easier for you to manage your invoices from estimates with the ability to edit, approve, and sync invoices to Quickbooks.
  • Add, edit, delete payments for invoices and send them to the customer portal or via email for payment!
New! Manage Customer Credit Cards in CRM.

Simplify your payment collection process! Now you have the ability to add customer credit card information right within the CRM 🤩! Easily update customer credit cards that have expired, delete or even setup auto-payments on behalf of your customers.

New! Time Analytics Menu & Dashboard.

Staff Revenue Goals Dashboard - Motivate and empower your staff with yearly revenue goals! This new dashboard will give you the information that you need to track sales goals, progress, and revenue earned for crew leaders, salespeople and account managers. Measure productivity and reward or bonus key staff for all of their hard work!

Updated! Schedule Whiteboard.

  • We’ve made your day-to-day schedule adjustments even easier! You now have the ability to toggle between two new views - Weekly View (one crew) or Daily View (all crews) so that you can simply drag and drop jobs for easy schedule management.
  • The existing schedule whiteboard has been completely re-vamped to make all of those common scheduling tasks easier to find with less clicks. Re-organization of buttons, features, and job information.
  • New “crew” menu so that you don’t have to toggle between different screens to apply changes to your crew schedules.
  • Do you have longer job routes that you weren’t able to optimize within the whiteboard? We have improved the job routing and optimization feature so that you can route up to 100 jobs!

21.03 Product Updates:

New! Analytics menu & dashboards.

Introducing a brand new menu that includes four new and improved dashboards - Home, CRM, Estimate, and Cost Codes. Immediately surface customer requests for better customer service, stay up-to-date on what teams are working on to ensure company-wide alignment, and track estimate revenue & profitability to identify opportunities for growth!

New! Link multiple estimates together.

Now you can link enhancements and change orders to your customer contracts! This will help you understand exactly what your profit is for all of your estimated work at the same property. Plus this is available in a new report!

New! Close Date added to Estimates.

We've made it easier for you to independently track the estimate date from the estimate closing date! The best part is that you can filter reports (including excel) by close date so that you can analyze how long it takes you to close your jobs.

New! Customer Portal Signatures.

We are always trying to improve and simplify your proposal process so that you can easily get work approved from your customers. Now when a customer signs an estimate via the customer portal, their signature and initials are automatically inserted into the proposal .pdf!

New! LMN Time settings.

All LMN Time settings have been migrated to the new settings section of LMN, at the top of your screen. We promise that this will provide you with a much better customer experience - settings all in one spot 🙌 .

21.01 Product Updates:

SiteOne Integration

Save tons of time by automating your estimating process with SiteOne. Use LMN estimates to place material orders directly through your local SiteOne branch or download material lists for up-to-date pricing.

*Applicable for US customers only.
LMN Free now includes LMN Time!

Free accounts now include all of the tools that LMN has to offer, such as time tracking, invoicing, and scheduling.

Simplified Main Menu

We wanted to give you a better user experience so we moved some main menu sub-items to a new settings page within LMN.

New Settings Menu

Jump into your new account settings menu to tackle all of your account setup including company information, users, and estimate settings. We even built an account dashboard to show your set up progress.

20.11 Product Updates:

Customer Work Requests

New two-way communication between contractors and their customers. Make it easier for your customers to do business with you – review estimates, request changes, and ask questions all with in real-time notifications so that you can provide great customer service.

Proposal E-signatures & Approvals

Your customers can now digitally approve proposals with e-signatures through the customer portal. Enhance your proposals by uploading photos, design concepts, and more. Not only will your customer love this new process but it will save you a ton of time and help you win more jobs!

Portal Activity Notifications:

Let us make your job easier by keeping track of all of your customer portal activities within one spot. View customer invites, proposal approvals, change requests, and comments.

Estimate Dashboards

Our new dashboards will help you identify your most profitable work and biggest opportunities so that you can focus on bidding the right jobs.


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