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LMN and SiteOne Landscape Supply Announce Partnership

About SiteOne Partnership

For two years in the making, LMN and SiteOne Supply have been working on an exclusive partnership. Ordering supplies using SiteOne's largest wholesale goods supply for green industry professionals just got a whole lot more efficient.


How it Works




Download material price lists from your local SiteOne branch.




Import the only categories that matter to you




Order materials from SiteOne directly from an LMN estimate.


Avoid duplication of work, time spent on the phone, or commuting to the local landscape supply to retrieve Jobsite materials: less human error when ordering quantities, order 24/7, have more efficiency operating your landscape company, and more profit. Begin using LMN today.


Waste in Landscaping

The #1 waste in all landscape companies is overproduction, and anything in excess can harm a company's top and bottom line. An example of this is ordering too much and, in some cases, too soon, which can lead to materials waste and an overcrowded job site.

The #2 waste is waiting. Waiting is a complete waste of time, and because time is money, profits decrease by the minute when labor or resources are waiting for the next step to begin. We see examples of crews' on stand by' all the time, from waiting for the operation manager's instructions to waiting in line for fuel or supply deliveries.

A Better Way

The SiteOne Supply and LMN integration make purchasing materials and supplies directly through LMN now possible. You can use estimates to instantly place your order to your local SiteOne branch and save time on calling, emailing, or faxing in a material order while reducing the chance for errors.

Now you can keep your projects and budget on track while reducing inefficiencies when sourcing landscape supplies and building estimates for your customers. Order landscape supplies directly through an LMN estimate, download material price lists from your local SiteOne branch, and import only categories that matter to you.

SiteOne users get a special offer of
$197 off Implementation!

Use Code "SITEONEBRONZE" to save $197 (a Free Bronze Implementation package) when you sign up for LMN.



SiteOne users get a special offer of
$197 off Implementation!

Use Code "SITEONEBRONZE" to save $197 (a Free Bronze Implementation package) when you sign up for LMN.




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