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Technology Changes the Way Landscapers Run Their Business, Improves Customer Service

Quality customer service can make or break some businesses. B2B Landscape business management company LMN launches a new customer portal to help business owners improve their customer relationships and increase efficiency and cash flow. The Customer Portal enables users to accept credit card payments, allow online invoice payments, share job site services and photos, as well as share job schedules.

MARKHAM, Ontario — April 16, 2020 — Customer service is king in the business world and leads to customer loyalty and retention, as well as increased revenues. LMN, North America’s leading business management software for landscape companies, has launched a new customer portal to help change the way landscapers run their businesses. With LMN’s Customer Portal, landscapers can efficiently manage their company while continuing to build and improve their relationships with customers. The Customer Portal.

Efficiency That Leads To Increased Cash Flow

55% of customers report having to use two or more communications channels to contact a company before an issue is resolved. With a branded Customer Portal, landscapers no longer have to chase customers or jump from site to site to resolve payments. Instead, LMN users can now streamline their processing time by invoicing customers and accepting credit cards online, plus manage due dates immediately after the work is completed.

The payment feature makes the process from invoicing to processing payments easier for landscapers and currently allows users to offer the option of both credit and debit card payments.

“We’ve collected a lot of feedback from our LMN customers,” said Mike Lyseki, co-founder and CTO of LMN. “One of the biggest requests was a customer portal feature that allowed them to enhance the customer experience. LMN users can communicate with their customers in a whole new way, with real-time information sharing, photo and schedule sharing, as well as streamline collections and cash flow with online payments. This type of process can completely change your business.”

Better Customer Service, Better Sales

90% of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company. The Customer Portal allows businesses to create a transparent relationship with their customers by minimizing the need for phone calls and letting customers to see progress statuses in real-time. The additional features make tasks like scheduling work and payments an easier exchange.

Landscapers can set themselves apart from their competition by adding the Customer Portal as part of their bidding process. The software allows landscapers to brand the portal with their logo to look like an extension of their own website.

Building Customer Loyalty and Improving Retention

With the Customer Portal, landscapers are able to offer their customers a higher standard for professionalism. Customers can see the contractors work in real-time while reviewing job information, invoices, and make payments at any time.

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