LMN Releases All-New LMNPro™ for Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktop

Unique program offers a paperless management tool boasting automated service billing, jobsite photos, and file storage in one central location.

TORONTO, ON — May 8, 2017 — LMN, the ultimate profit toolbox for landscape contractors, has released an all-new, even more progressive program which aims to promote better organization, efficiency, and accountability between business owners and clients.

Available immediately for purchase, LMNPro offers unmatched tools for easier, faster, and better business management, all without using a single piece of paper.

By purchasing LMNPro, users will now be able to share important documents in one central location, and access said information wherever and whenever it is needed. LMNPro offers photo storage, including site maps and project details, which helps users formulate quotes more effectively. LMNPro also stores timesheet jobsite photos, making payroll, billing, and attendance more streamlined.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of LMNPro is the invoicing tool. Contractors can reduce their invoicing time by up to 90%, as users have the ability to set up fixed monthly payment schedules. Through this tool, invoices can also be synced to QuickBooks once they have been reviewed and approved.

“The goal of LMNPro is to celebrate the successes of the original LMN program, all while offering new and improved features, said Mark Bradley, CEO of LMN Software. “The program’s multiple tools all contribute to more accurate, professional servicing, headache-free invoicing, and more efficient and easier business management”. LMNPro provides the user with the ability to update information as needed, allowing for improved communication between business owner and crew members, as well as business owner and clients.

For those wishing to purchase LMNPro, the program is available for $299 per month, with five Admin Users included with the subscription.

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Founded in 2009, LMN is North America's leading provider of business management software for landscape professionals. Its proprietary cloud-based platform is used by over 85,000 professionals every day across Canada and the US. From budgeting and estimating through to scheduling, time tracking and invoicing, LMN helps build better landscape businesses. Visit www.golmn.com.

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