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Find, Hire and Build Highly Efficient Landscaping Crews

Learn how to find and hire the best employees, how to train them faster, and how to maximize crew efficiency in a one-day, hands-on workshop led by Mark Bradley. Get insights from the expert who has over 22 years landscaping experience.

Turn Employees and Labor Into a Competitive Advantage

Hiring, training and retaining employees is consistently a top challenge for landscaping business owners year after year. Learn different strategies, processes, tips and tools that turn your employees into a major advantage over your competitors.

Find and Attract Better Talent

Finding reliable, experienced employees is an ongoing challenge for landscapers. Learn where to find the best talent quickly, know what to offer talent in a competitive marketplace and learn how to attract the best talent with less effort.


Know How Much to Pay Your Crews

Find out and compare what other landscaping companies pay their crews. Using your specific company goals and calculators, learn how many employees you need and how much you can pay your crews while also maximizing profits.

Hire The Best People

Ensure that the employees you hire are actually going to provide value for your business. Use proven interviewing and hiring processes to consistently hire the best candidates, faster.


Find the Most Profitable Balance of Labor

Labor can be unreliable, volatile and complex. Find out where you can reduce labor and increase profitability. Learn when it’s more profitable to buy or rent equipment as well as outsource to subcontractors.

Train Employees Faster

Reduce the amount of on-the-job training, reduce the need for dedicated expert trainers, and significantly speed up training time even during the busy season. Learn about different training tools and processes.

Create Incentive Programs that Work

Develop custom employee incentive programs that maintain and drive profitability for your specific business. Learn which incentives work best to increase sales and how much incentive to offer while balancing profit.

Maximize Crew Efficiency and Profitability

Use systems and tools that identify employee and crew weaknesses accurately, in real-time in order to quickly train for improvement. Identify a variety of ways to save time and increase revenue per man hour.

Standardize Career Development Processes

Determine which roles are most important for your business, standardize roles and wages by role, and create a clear training path with trackable milestones for raises and promotions.

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