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May 17, 2017
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Why You Need Automated Invoicing

If it’s taking you too long to send out your invoices each month, chances are you could be suffering from cash flow issues as a result. It goes without saying that the faster you can send out those invoices, the faster you can get paid. Ideally, you want to be able to invoice as efficiently and accurately as possible so you can get paid on time, and have more free time to spend on other areas of your business. Today we’ll look at how having software with the ability to automatically generate invoices can help your business.

No More Missed Billing

Automated invoicing can make it extremely easy to streamline your invoicing and very hard for any invoices to get missed at the same time! You can simply generate invoices for all your seasonal contracts, hourly work and per occurrence jobs with just a couple clicks. Once you’ve got your date range set, simply click a button and you’ll get your entire list of invoices that haven’t been billed yet. In LMN, we even make it easy to flag certain services that you want to carefully review so that they easily stand out when you’re reviewing invoices.

Gone are the days of missed billings and wondering if all clients have been properly billed for the month! Pick and choose which invoices you want to run, and then sync those over easily to QuickBooks for billing.

Increase Your Cash Flow

As mentioned earlier, not only is this going to prevent any missed billing, it’s also going to increase your company’s cash flow and efficiency. Because you’ll be able to get your invoices out quicker to your customers, that means you’ll be able to be paid faster as well. And who doesn’t like more cash in their pocket? Having a healthy cash flow can be critical for the health of your business.

Save Time!

And of course, when you can generate all your invoices for an entire date range with a couple clicks and sync to QuickBooks, it’s going to save you time! Having a streamlined and accurate invoicing process is going to save you administrative work every time you run your invoices. If you’re currently inputting invoice information manually right now this is especially true! The best part is that the time savings you’ll experience will compound each month, allowing you to invest that time in other areas of your business. Sounds good to us!

Automation Awaits…

If you’re a current LMN member and want to get started with generating and streamlining your invoices, check out our help article on how to get started here. Prefer watching videos? Check out our videos here.

Not a LMN member yet? Don’t worry, we make it easy to get up and running. Start a free trial today to get started!

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