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The Inefficiencies of Paper

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It’s common for owners within our industry to manage their crews and most, if not all, of operations with paper. The pen and paper route works, no doubt, but at what cost? Over the last two decades we’ve seen the birth of the internet and a heap of technologies that have come with it. It’s hard to look at any aspect of our lives, regardless of industry, and pin point an area not affected, in a good way, by software.

Not too long ago, there wasn’t a way to send money over the internet or communicate between bank accounts without a paper transaction. Fast forward to today, however, and it’s standard for people to do most their banking online (and without paper).

The paperless solution LMN provides allows owners to reduce their company’s overhead through eliminating tedious paperwork. Paperless estimating, as any excel-based estimator would know, is far more effective than the paper route. Using formulas to output accurate amounts of labor, materials, and equipment use on a per job basis can’t be compared to a paper route, but even better than excel sheets is a software-based estimating system that anyone can use to produce quality estimates with or without estimating experience.

Eliminating paper in the estimating process increases efficiencies but even more so in the field. Paperless, digital, timesheets greatly reduce communication errors from operations to crews regarding what it is the operator’s crews accomplished that day. LMN allows crews to log what’s normally written down manually into a digital system for project management. With a few taps on a smart phone, crews log their time and never need to worry about having a pen to record what it is they are doing throughout their work day.

LMN reduces errors due to an elimination of data entry and doubles as a project management tool that both operations and foreman can use, whether in the field or in the office. At any time, foreman, administrators, operation managers, and the owner can see where the company is at regarding estimated and actual hours. LMN’s paperless estimating and time tracking software provides members with systems that they create and tailor to their landscaping business. Our goal at LMN is to grow with our members, and we’ve been doing it successfully for years.

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