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Holiday landscaping gifts under a Christmas tree

2020 Landscaper Holiday Gift Guide to Give and Receive

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After the wild year that was 2020, there is no better way to welcome in the new year than a well-deserved holiday season. While the holidays are going to look a little different this year, people are still going to be connected and sending their love to each other. A great way to send your love to the extra-special landscaper in your life is to get them the gift they’ve always wanted. If you’re unsure what that gift is, don’t worry. The LMN crew have curated an extra special bundle of 2020 holiday gift ideas.

LMN’s 5 Biggest Holiday Gifts for Landscapers

The LMN team have gone all out this year creating a list of the biggest and most tantalizing holiday gifts. With careful selection, any one of these gifts could make a landscape owner drool. All you have to do is pick one.

Bobcat Articulating Loader

The New Bobcat Articulating Loader is the perfect landscaping partner that will make any job easier.

Promising outside review: “This is one of the most mobile and effective articulated loaders in the industry! Even though it’s small, it can still lift a heavy load. The arm has a tight-turning joint that allows it to easily maneuver around different landscaping obstacles. Honestly, it is the best landscaping vehicle I have ever used. It is lightweight, produces minimal damage, and can fit into any property. It’s brilliant!”

Root Rescue

Save your landscaper’s spring season with the help of Root Rescue.

Promising outside review: “This stuff is awesome! 48 hours after application, my soil was covered in mycelium. Root growth exploded and plants as well. Customer for life!”

Ox Coffeeboxx Jobsite Coffee Maker is the coffee solution for heavy-duty landscaping jobs.

Promising outside review: “Who says coffee makers can’t be tough? This is the first-heavy duty coffee maker I’ve found that is made for contractor job sites. It’s crush-proof and impact resistant and the most popular tool in the company. It’s a safe and reliable way to fuel the guys on the job. So now I’m saving money and drinking coffee. Great as a company buy.”

The Husqvarna 580BTS Leaf Blower

Need a more powerful leaf blower? The Husqvarna 580BTS Leaf Blower is strong enough to handle the most demanding of tasks.

Promising outside review: “The Husqvarna 580BTS is a near-faultless backpack blower. If you have a large lot with plenty of trees then you need this tool in your arsenal!”

BWise Ultimate Dump Trailer Combo

For the most versatile dump trailer combinations, you have to get the BWise Ultimate Dump Trailer Combo.

Promising outside review: “This is like some sort of dump trailer chameleon. If you are worried about buying a trailer that won’t come in handy, the BWise Ultimate Dump Trailer Combo is not that. It has a 3-combo gate, landscape ramp, and a variety of upgrades that can turn this ultimate trailer combo into the best trailer dump combo.”

Brittany and Caleb’s 3 Holiday Must-Haves

Brittany and Caleb Auman of Auman Landscaping are masters of hardscaping with a pedigree for high quality design and installation services. While the gifts listed above may lean on the bigger side of things, the Aumans’ next few holiday gifts are items that every landscaper must have. If you need to pick something, it should be one of these.

Zip Level altimeter

Make every measurement on the landscaping job that much easier with a brand-new Zip Level altimeter.

Promising outside review: “Technidea has changed the playing field for home inspectors and surveyors alike. The use of altimeter technology far surpasses the rod and stick and the black magic that surrounded previous methods of level determination. While a bit pricey, the instrument is well worth the investment and is impressive right out of the box with one finger operation that makes me look smart and builds confidence in clients who witness the technology in action.”

 Noise Canceling Headphones with Built-in Bluetooth Microphones

Take calls, block out loud equipment, and listen to music with Noise Canceling Headphones with Built-in Bluetooth Microphones.

Promising outside review: “If you are looking for noise cancellation at its best, don’t look elsewhere and buy this immediately. The amount that is being canceled out is out of this world compared to previous generations that I have tried. Without a doubt the most comfortable headphones I ever wore.”

 UV Protective Safety Glasses

When spring arrives your landscaper is going to need UV Protective Safety Glasses to protect their eyes from the sun and debris.

Promising outside review: “No issues. I bought these for work, and they sit on my face all day long. The construction of the frame is pretty nice.”

Blake Albertson’s Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas

Blake Alberston is the unofficial king of green, and rightly so. Blake runs the very successful B&B Lawn Care company which operates out of Kansas City, Missouri. The only thing he can do better than operate a landscaping company is decorate a lawn. So, before you check out his social media masterpieces, you should first glance over his top 5 holiday gift ideas.

Milwaukee Heated Jacket

The Milwaukee Heated Jacket is the best accessory for protecting your landscaper from the cold of winter.

Promising outside review: “This jacket is AWESOME. Jacket is tough, zipper is tough, pocket’s are super big, fabric is tough. I AM IMPRESSED. Heat is hot, even on low, and length of battery is totally impressive.”

 Kujo X1 Boots

The landscaper that’s always on their feets needs the tough, new Kujo X1 Boots to support them.

Promising outside review: “The quality of the materials used is very good and though I haven’t experienced any wet working days yet, I expect them to perform very well. I like the design and the extra rubber in the back. Scuffs don’t seem to bother them. Hopefully, they will keep looking good.”

Super Jack

Lifting heavy bags of soil all day? The Super Jack is the heavy-duty, easy-to-use back protector.

Promising outside review: “I got my jack and had it assembled and ready to go in less than 1/2 hour. The reason I picked this over the Jungle Jim is the tires. They’re nice and fat airless tires, which would be nice if you raised the mower out in the field somewhere. Say, if you ran over some barbed wire or something. I think little skinny hard wheels would just burrow down into the soil.”

iPad Holder

Take your budgeting software and clients list wherever you need to with the iPad Holder for your truck.

Promising outside review: “I’ve been using this stand for the last two weeks in a company semi truck and I’ve been very surprised how well it handles all the bumps in the road. It also fits very well into the cup holder. Easy-to-install and it works great.”

ISO Tunes Headphones

ISO Tunes Headphones

Promising outside review: “This is my first set of Bluetooth headphones, so I didn’t know what to expect. Connection is quick and I can walk from the garage where my iPhone or iPad is into the kitchen 30-40 feet away and still hear the music. I’m getting good at inserting the ear tips and they are very comfortable. Battery life has been excellent so far.”

Josh Jones’ Number One Pick

Joshua Jones is the owner of the very successful Mass Hardscapes. If there is a property in need of a high-quality hardscape project, nobody does it better. From one craftsman to another, let Josh communicate his number one holiday gift idea.

LMN Academy Dashboard

Nothing makes a landscaper happier than budgeting software that simplifies their projects and payroll.

Promising outside review: “Overall experience has been very positive. The team has accepted the software, crews use tablets to log work, the CRM function has been especially helpful. It’s comprehensive, innovative and provides information the team needs to get the job done.”

The most important gift you can give your landscape business is efficiencies and increased profitability. Learn the software skills to grow your landscape business and career!

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