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The landscape training platform that fosters high-performers & performance.

  • FREE 3-Month License of Greenius Training Software ($300 SAVINGS)
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*$97/Month + $9.97/Month per user after 3-Month period. One time setup fee of $497.

What is Greenius?

In just over a decade Greenius has trained more than 200,000 green industry employees, empowering contractors to build scalability into their workforce. Greenius helps turn waste and damage into efficiency and profitability.

  • 100+ hours of landscape training courses, field checklists, and tailgates in both Spanish and English.
  • Performance feedback, 360 review, and career development tools and resources.
  • Automated tools to track crew training progress and history.
  • Custom course creation tools to add your own training content.

Training provides crews the incentives to be better.

Set Performance Expectations

Make training part of the onboarding process and company culture. Establish efficient operations and performance expectations.

Increase Safety & Reduce Injuries

Equip crews with the knowledge and skills needed to perform their tasks safely, identify potential hazards, and follow proper safety protocols.

Stop Equipment Misuse & Repair

Instruct crews on the proper operation of equipment to lessen wear and tear and to keep equipment on jobs.

Create a Culture of Professionalism

Instill the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that promote high standards, ethical conduct, and a commitment to excellence in the workplace.

Develop Leaders

Foster leadership roles and responsibilities by equipping individuals with the skills, knowledge, and mindsets needed to inspire others.

The Platform

Training courses that are ready to go. Now.

  • Add your employees and assign landscape industry-specific training courses.
  • Over 120+ English and Spanish courses, tailgates, and field checklists available.
  • Monitor employee training progress, milestones, and performance.
  • Use automated tools and templates to easily set-up training goals.

Create your own courses & training.

  • Create custom courses and training personalized to your company and its methods of operations & equipment.
  • Utilize the platform for company-wide announcements and employee engagement – like new employee onboarding videos and company communications.

Looking for additional learning? Join LMN industry experts as well as other landscape leaders online weekly to discuss topics business owners care about. Each 30 min live webinar session will tackle new topics each week.

Live every Wednesday at 12:30 ET

Apply learnings in the real world.

  • Build for on-the-job training, Greenius combines online education with in-person validation.
  • Reinforce learnings and ensure accountability with customizable in-field checklists.
  • Access over 110 Tailgate Talks that crew leads and supervisors can use to drive weekly safety and equipment conversations.
  • 15-Minute performance reviews give employees a way to provide feedback about their training and a voice in improving it.

Track progress and get actionable insights from analytics.

  • Know which branch, division, and employees are completing courses, and provide a plan for overdue training.
  • Use training to establish employee benchmarks and inform performance reviews.

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