A Day In the Life: Creative Roots Landscaping

Muskoka Landscapers LMN
A Day in the Life: Muskoka Landscapers
December 21, 2018
Grass hill with white pickup truck parked at the top.
How Landscapers Can Actually Double their Profit Margins
February 1, 2019
Open Book Management with Creative Roots Landscaping

The tipping point for change with Creative Roots Landscaping came from a desire to do more and create equality within the company. By instilling open-book management and profit sharing with his employees, founder Ryan Markewich empowered his entire team to be accountable for the success and growth of Creative Roots. By creating a system that got his entire team involved, his profit sharing program puts the company first, funded solely by the profits and efforts of the people doing the work. We caught up with Creative Roots Landscaping to learn about this system, and how using LMN is helping them scale.

Behind The Scenes

For more on Creative Roots Landscaping, please visit their website: http://www.creativerootslandscaping.com