Partner in Spotlight: SiteOne Landscape Supply
LMN + SiteOne Integration

Partner in Spotlight: SiteOne Landscape Supply

At LMN, we couldn’t do what we do without partners. Together with nurseries, equipment dealers and landscape suppliers, we help landscape contractors drive efficiencies by getting the equipment and supplies they need into estimates to help them deliver on the needs of their customers.

Our software helps ensure consistent tracking of costs, but through our enterprise marketplace, or EMP, and through a data integration with the largest supplier to the landscape industry, SiteOne, we’re able to help contractors quickly find everything they need for a job inside the LMN system and add it seamlessly to estimates.

Today we spotlight SiteOne Landscape, and a recent conversation we had with Sean Kramer, Chief Information Officer at SiteOne.

Tell us who you are and what you do?

I’m Sean Kramer, Chief Information Officer at SiteOne, and I’m responsible for ensuring we are exploring and leveraging the best technology in landscape supply to deliver on the needs of our customers across North America.

Tell us about SiteOne Landscape Supply?

SiteOne Landscape is the largest and only national wholesale distributor of landscaping products in the United States and Canada. We have over 500 branches across 45 states and five provinces serving both residential and commercial landscape professionals who specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of lawns, gardens, golf courses and other outdoor spaces.

SiteOne offers more than 90,000 products including irrigation supplies, fertilizer and control products, nursery goods, hardscapes, landscape lighting, drainage and erosion control products, tools, and other landscaping accessories and supplies.

We’re growing each day and committed to being the distributor of choice for landscapers across North America

Tell us about the partnership with LMN.

About a year ago, we announced the partnership, which essentially takes all the products within our catalog and imports them into the LMN system, allowing contractors as their building out estimates to click and add costs to their estimates in real-time, saving them time and money.

It’s been a great relationship since day one as we both share the same purpose - to help landscapers drive their business growth.

How has technology changed in the landscape business to help landscape customers?

It’s really grown exponentially the last few years. Now more than ever, customers can get everything they need at the click of a button.

We know they have choices and can from their phones find any resources and supply prices, but our focus is really making it easy and convenient for contractors to get what they need based on what’s available.

That’s what our partnership with LMN does, helps them understand what’s available nearby their business, all within the LMN system.

What’s ahead for LMN and SiteOne?

We’ll continue to evolve our partnership to make it better for customers. Ensuring that inventory and product catalogs are updated as quickly as possible, and synced with local dealers is key.

We want to make sure that when a contractor places an order for something, they can be certain the supply is at their local store and will be available for their customers. And if it’s not, we want to make sure we’re recommending alternatives as easy as possible inside our platform, making their lives easier.

But I think together we can do so much more. We also have the opportunity to work to address many of the other challenges facing the industry. From rising labor costs to better ways to measure success through deeper analysis of data, we can really work to make the supply process easier for landscapers. That’s why we're here.

We recently connected with Sean and the SiteOne team at the GIE+Expo 2021. Click below to watch a few comments from Sean

LMN’s Marketplace last year estimated more than $3.5 billion in material for contractors to share with customers. The marketplace consists of nurseries and supply companies across North America, including SiteOne. To learn more or to become a partner, visit

Mike Lysecki
Mike Lysecki
Mike Lysecki is the CTO of LMN. He is famous for expertise in software tools, systems, and training designed to help great landscape contractors build great landscape businesses. Mike is the author of expert articles on how to use the LMN business software. He has been published in landscape industry trades including Medium, Lawn and Landscape, Turfs Up Radio and Canada Newswire.


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