Snow Business Hacks

Streamline Your Snow Operations with These 4 Simple Hacks

Heavy lifting often starts with the prep work. If you establish the right systems and procedures, you can streamline your snow business’ operations for peak efficiency. These changes can bring the focus back on the actual work at hand, whether it be in the office, in the field or on business development. Implementing some small adjustments in your business can lead to positive changes, and the LMN Team has some simple hacks that your snow business can adopt in its operations.

Snow Business Hack #1 | Optimize Your Equipment & Materials

Know your inventory. The biggest source of waste is waiting, and unbillable hours can easily be cut if you know where to make the fixes. Salt depots are a major timesink, so stock salt at the yard or setup temporary winter yards closer to sites to save on time. The second step is to give each piece of equipment a dedicated function rather than trying to stretch everything out to be multi-purposed. There’s no need to run trucks as both plows or salt trucks. Keep the plows on the field covering as much ground as possible, consistently generating revenue, while letting the salt trucks operate knowing that there will be some time sunk into restocking and travel. These two fixes alone will save you a significant amount of labor hours down the road.

Snow Business Hack #2 | Focus sales on geography

Unbillable hours are the key culprit in the snow business. There’s no avoiding travel time, but being able to mitigate the damage it does to your labor hours is imperative to maintaining a profitable snow business. The sales team should focus efforts on earning contracts by regionality. If a snow business has multiple contracts in a particular geographical region, it would effectively cut travel time, and increase production and revenue generated. Ensuring route density and keeping your customers local can make or break a profitable snow season.

Snow Business Hack #3 | Develop sales templates for snow and ice contracts

Templates are a quick plug and play that will streamline operations no matter what industry you’re working in. Creating proper sales templates can take the guessing out of the estimate process, offering a baseline the sales team can work from inputting markups and ensuring profit margins are met. Repeatable processes can minimize staff training and eliminate inconsistencies within the business while making sure expectations are clear.

Snow Business Hack #4 | Develop checklists

Checklists are an essential procedure to keep on top of the pre and post job functions. Take the time to figure out key steps in every facet of your snow business. Developing checklists can save valuable time on the field from making costly avoidable mistakes. Eliminate the guessing and begin setting standards and expecations for you team members. It’s really just taking that extra step to set everyone up for success.

If you’re at a loss of where to start, LMN has a library of 700+ forms to pull from, including snow and ice procedures and checklists to adopt into your day-to-day snow business operations. You can download a sample of those forms from our latest ebook: 3 Sales Templates You Need For Your Snow Business. Use these free forms to help you get a jumpstart on the snow season!

Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley
Known for his entreprenurship, leadership and innovation in the landscape industry. Mark Bradley co-founded LMN in 2009. He is currently the CEO and the author of hundreds of by-lined articles, ebooks, webinars and workshops. He is also the host of the landscape industry’s favorite podcast, Landscape Disruptors. LMN is now the industry's best business management software. Mark credits LMN as a catalyst for helping him scale TBG Landscape from a backyard business into one of the Top 100 landscape contractors in North America. He has been published in entrepreneur and landscape industry trades including Medium, Total Landscape Care, Lawn and Landscape, Turfs Up Radio, Irrigation and Green Magazine Canada Newswire, Canadian Business