Professional and Process Wins Work
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Snow Industry Sales Tips to Help Increase Revenue

Sales can be an inherent skill others naturally have over others. While the natural flow may or may not come easily to you, it doesn’t mean it can’t develop through learning, prep work, and self-development. We’ll take a deeper-dive on how to further drive revenue into your snow business, with some great sales tips you can take into your everyday processes.

Professional and Process Wins Work

Sales serves like any other function or service your business provides. It’s one thing to make the sale, but it's another thing to do it in a professional and efficient way that boosts the reputation of your business. How can your snow business provide a seamless and professional experience that your customers look at positively?

Start with developing templates for you and your team to work off. Make sure your pricing structure and estimates are presented in a transparent and easy to understand fashion, with branding visible and present on all working documents. Follow that up by creating sales packages you can quickly pitch to prospects that might provide an entry point to pique interest depending on their budget. While it pays to remain flexible with contract types, it doesn’t mean you can’t develop templates and standards to help streamline yours or your sales team’s process.

Know Your Customers

Driving sales into your business is the hard part. These were all relationships that were built to trusting your snow business to provide a service throughout the snow season. It should be a priority to continue to nurture that relationship by keeping the communication even through the off-season. Positive relationships lead to retention, and customer retention is essential for keeping a thriving and profitable snow business. Use this opportunity to pick the low-hanging fruit, and re-signing contracts that fit your snow business’ goals.

Highlight Your Strengths

Take advantage of the investments you’ve made into your business. Account for your equipment and tools to help highlight the efficiency of your work. This should afford you the ability to competitively bid low while still maintaining your margins to cover your overhead and stay profitable. The more contracts you take like this, the more work you have, snowballing the cashflow through your snow business.

Take Time to Study Up

English author, Joseph Addison, once said that “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” While the premise still applies all these centuries later, it’s hard to imagine that Addison was referring to reading sales books for local service companies in the green industry. Addison may not have the recommendations for sales books, but LMN does!

  • Challenger Sale - Brent Adamson/Matthew Dixon
  • Never Split the Difference - Chris Voss
  • Spin Selling - Neil Rackham
  • Getting to Yes - Roger Fisher/William Ury
  • Think Big Act Small - Jason Jennings

While these books might not directly speak to the snow business, the takeaways are invaluable as they easily transfer speaking to the art of sales. Value the time that you invest into yourself, as you learn to pull from others to elevate your own business.

For a quick read, download the Charge More. Sell More. FREE ebook from the LMN team. We look to provide business owners with the knowledge and educational content they need to take their business to the next level.

Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley
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