LMN's Monthly Preview: Building the Ultimate Landscape Business Plan

LMN's Monthly Preview: Building the Ultimate Landscape Business Plan

The best way to sustainably grow your landscape business is with a goal-oriented, success-driven plan of action. At LMN, our goal is to elevate the green industry by helping small business owners reliably achieve their company objectives. One way in which our team gives back is by hosting business webinars, landscape workshops, and strategy programs geared towards landscaping company owners and their crews. The best part is that all of this programming is absolutely free; all you have to do is register online ahead of time. Therefore, the only question you should be asking yourself is: “Which sessions do I pick?”

To help you answer this question, the team at LMN has prepared a breakdown of this month's programming. From LMN’s virtual landscape workshops to CEO Mark Bradley's popular Ultimate Strategic Plan course, we have everything you might need to further your knowledge and expertise in the green industry. Learn which programs are best suited for you, your crew, and your business.

Productivity-Driven Landscape Workshops

In an industry that is centered around the skill and labor of millions of crew members, it makes sense to utilize programs that have a more hands-on approach. That is why LMN's workshops focus on providing users with the tools they need to directly apply their learning to the workplace. Fortunately, this month, we once again have a specially designed workshop geared towards optimizing both the front-end and back-end of your landscaping business.

Last month, LMN’s CEO, Mark Bradley, guided users through his signature approach to reliable profit capture in the green industry. Using his method of financing and scheduling, you will be able to increase your average profit margin to about 15-20%. But don't worry, even though the workshop already happened, you can still watch the replay for free by visiting the workshops page today.

The LMN monthly workshop isn't the only educational session that Mark Bradley hosts. He also leads a dynamic business strategy course that utilizes the CEO perspective.

How to Craft the Ultimate Landscape Business Plan

Mark Bradley's Ultimate Strategic Plan is a seven-part educational program directed at owners and senior managers of small to large landscaping companies. Using his own insight and experience as a green industry CEO, Bradley provides his participants with the knowledge to streamline, grow, and manage their landscape business from every role, level, and department. Office managers, operations managers, designers, account managers, and anyone with a leadership role is encouraged to participate, collaborate, and contribute to these in-depth learning opportunities.

During the latest installment of The Ultimate Strategic Plan, Your Strategic Plan, Mark Bradley walks users through each of the six previous parts of the series; summarizing their learnings and leaving participants with his final points on leadership, planning, and success in the green industry. This final session focuses on the key performance indicators and business metrics that are essential to tracking performance and measuring success. In this session, viewers will learn what metrics are critical, how to measure them as well as a business framework that can be used to develop an actionable plan moving forward.

Fortunately, just like the LMN workshops, the replays of these landscape business webinar sessions are available. If you are interested in participating in a wider variety of landscape business webinars, you can follow this page to see which industry guests will be presenting in this month's LMN Webinar Series.

Following the success of the LMN Hype House, LMN will be continuing its initiative to support and collaborate with green industry influencers with a new event later this month as well. Stanley Genadek Dirt Monkey and a special guest will host a live video streamed Landscape Disruptors podcast broadcasted by LMN. During the event, Stanley will cover various topics related to landscape business and the current status of the green industry. It will be an informative and entertaining 60 min show with special prizes for registered guests announced at the end.

Stay locked on LMN and its social media channels to stay up-to-date with all landscaping events and initiatives.

Want to learn how to master the ins and outs of LMN's cloud-based landscape business management app suite? Sign up for this month's CREW2CREW demo. In just 30 minutes, you can learn to unlock another part of your landscape business.

Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley
Known for his entreprenurship, leadership and innovation in the landscape industry. Mark Bradley co-founded LMN in 2009. He is currently the CEO and the author of hundreds of by-lined articles, ebooks, webinars and workshops. He is also the host of the landscape industry’s favorite podcast, Landscape Disruptors. LMN is now the industry's best business management software. Mark credits LMN as a catalyst for helping him scale TBG Landscape from a backyard business into one of the Top 100 landscape contractors in North America. He has been published in entrepreneur and landscape industry trades including Medium, Total Landscape Care, Lawn and Landscape, Turfs Up Radio, Irrigation and Green Magazine Canada Newswire, Canadian Business


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