Instagram Accounts Every Landscaper Needs to Follow
10 Best IG Accounts

10 Instagram Accounts Every Landscaper Needs to Follow

If you are in the landscape business, Instagram is the social media channel to inspire, learn and engage. With more than one billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users and reports more than 75 present of US businesses have an Instagram account.

The landscaping industry is home to a plethora of fun personalities and experienced professionals in lawncare, snow business, design/build and hardscaping, all with a story to tell. What better way to showcase these incredible stories and behind the scenes look at crews and jobs than social media? Here are the Instagram platforms that are going to best entertain and educate any budding or seasoned landscaper.

1. Paver King (@paver_king)

No one makes you laugh and learn like the Paver King himself. Donning his stylish yellow safety glasses and magnificent beard, the Paver King teaches his followers landscaping safety tips through humorous and entertaining mini-vlogs. Before you know it, you'll be getting lost in his content, joining one of the 40,000-strong Hardscape Mafia.

2. Diesel Truck Addicts (@dieseltruckaddicts)

If you thought you loved trucks, you've got nothing on Diesel Truck Addicts. This viral Instagram account showcases thousands of beautiful all-terrain trucks that'll make your heart race and your skin blush. If you want to stare at gorgeous trucks all day, you wouldn't be the only one. Diesel Truck Addicts' 1.3 million followers have the same obsession.

3. Investing Mentors (@investingmentors)

Landscapers need to be smart with their money too! Investing Mentors provide their 1.1 million followers with daily financial advice that is designed to extend their income and empower their wealth. Following this account is the most profitable way to procrastinate.

4. Simon Sinek (@simonsinek)

Through panel clips and weekly advice, Simon Sinek offers his followers dedicated psychology that can be adapted to the workplace. Your company culture affects your work culture, which, in turn, affects your productivity. Learn even more about developing your company culture and leadership by subscribing to his podcast: A Bit of Optimism. You won't regret it.

5. Christian Daw Design (@christiandawdesign)

Christian Daw's passion for home design seeps through in every photo. If you are in need of inspiration for future landscaping designs or home renovation projects, you're in the right place.

6. Landscaping Equipment (@landscapingequipment)

Landscaping Equipment is a growing landscaper Instagram account run by Maggs Lawn and Landscape that features photos submitted by their followers. These submissions include everything from custom snow plows to expertly trimmed yards. If you're looking for a landscaping community to dive into, this is it.

7. Harvard Business Review (@harvard_business_review)

For landscapers looking to introduce more educational resources into their feed, this is an excellent place to start. The Harvard Business Review Instagram account provides posts that link to extended articles on their website that relate both to business and life. If you're in need of a read that's going to better your company and your mind, follow the HBR today.

8. Arborist Falls (@arborist_falls)

Through fan-submitted content, Arborist Falls has become the America's Funniest Home Videos of landscaper Instagram. From well-timed videos to hilarious photos, Arborist Falls captures every sort of landscaping mistake in all of its glory. If you need a little pick-me-up or a reminder of your landscaping talents, follow Arborist Falls.

9. Northmen Guild (@northmenguild)

The Northmen help any landscaper achieve their dream of becoming the ultimate woodsman. Through weekly product showcases, the Northmen Guild helps their followers pick from the best of their handmade woodworking tools, knives, and leather goods. If you're still looking for gift ideas for the landscaper in your life, look no further.

10. World of Carpentr (@worldofcarpentry)

From memes to showcases to woodcutting tutorials, this account lives up to its name as the World of Carpentry. If you want to laugh, learn, and fawn over carpentry, there's no place better. Their 121,000 followers certainly agree.

If you're looking to improve your company culture, ogle at nice trucks, or learn some landscaping safety tips, these accounts are a great place to start. But the internet is your oyster when it comes to online landscaping communities. So, don't let this be the be-all-end-all list of landscaper Instagram accounts you explore.

If we could add one more must-follow landscaper Instagram account, it would be @lmn_software. This is the number one place to help grow your landscaping business.

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