Landscapers Holiday Gift Guide - What Every Landscaper Wants and Is Afraid to Ask For

Landscaper's Holiday Gift Guide - What Every Landscaper Wants and Is Afraid to Ask For

Landscaper's Holiday Gift Guide

What Every Landscaper Wants and Is Afraid to Ask For

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, except your favorite landscape business owner is stressed out with planning for 2020 budgets or scheduling and estimating new projects. If the landscaper you’re buying for this season is too busy to give you gift ideas, don’t worry. The LMN crew huddled to curate a list of the best holiday gifts for your favorite someone in the landscape business.

Mark Bradley’s Top 8 Holiday Landscaper Gifts

Mark cofounded LMN in 2009 and has recently completed the transition from landscape business owner to tech entrepreneur. He’s committed to helping landscape professionals transform into better business owners. These are the items at the top of his holiday wish list.

1. Worktunes is the perfect gift for any music or podcast fanatic because it will also protect their hearing from their noisy job sites.

Promising outside review: “Great quality!! I used these pretty much every day for almost 3 years and I was never careful with them. They sat in my work truck, usually with tools piled on top and they kept going. I use the rechargeable Amazon batteries in them and that has worked well. I just purchased a new pair and will try to treat them a little better but no promises.”

2. Get your landscaper the Heritage Cooler to take the hassle out of lunch.

Promising outside review: “For years now I've worked in construction, and hate leaving the job site when I'm filthy to get in the truck to go grab an unhealthy fast food lunch. Once you drive to where you're going, wait in line, go back to the job site… Every other cooler I've used, the lid pops off when you don't want it too, or it won't close… I have no problem packing my average daily lunch of 1 banana, a full-size sandwich, a ziplock bag of chips, a granola bar, some carrots, and sometimes either a bowl of salad, or a bowl of salsa for chips. It all fits WITH THE TWO ICE PACKS! And there's still room for cookies and a couple of hard boiled eggs... Every company seems to make the big bulky vacationer size or fisherman size coolers, but Stanley remembered to make something for the working man. This has completely taken the hassle out of lunch.”

3. Are they a camping fan? The Jetboil Cooking System is a can’t miss item.

Promising outside review: “This Jetboil is amazing! Not super heavy so it’s a staple in my camping/hiking pack. Fires up every time and heats up super fast! No complaints here, just an amazing product.”

4. The Ram No-Drill Laptop Mount is a must-have for anyone with an on-the-go business and a truck.

Promising outside review: “This unit is well built and easy to install.”

5. Get them the best Cargo Work Pants on the market for anyone constantly squatting, kneeling or doing any labor-intensive work.

Promising outside review: “At first I didn't want to spend the money since these pants were not cheap. Then I did and let me tell you, I will do it again in a heartbeat. These pants are built to last. I can't remember the last time I had such great comfortable work pants that I know won't wear out at the knees or pockets. The only problem I see is now I have to make sure I maintain my weight and waist size because I don't want to lose these pants. Thank you DULUTH!”

6. The CAT Alaska 2.0 Boots are the most functional footwear for on and off the job site.

Promising outside review: “My man loves these boots! He had worn the original Caterpillar work boots for as long as he could remember and was very nervous about trying a new style (his former one was discontinued). But he put these on as soon as he got them, and was amazed at how much lighter these were then their predecessor, and how comfortable right off.”

7. You can’t go wrong with placing the Dewalt 3-Tool Combo Kit under the tree.

Promising outside review: “This product has made me want more Dewalt tools. Everything arrived great and I used the drill several times. I then used the impact gun once before it showed signs of failure for some reason. I contacted Dewalt and they sent me new batteries and that resolved the issue. Great product, great support and service.”

8. Ever heard your landscaper complain about their tape measurer? Pick up this Laser Distance Measurer.

Promising outside review: “I am very glad that I went with the Dewalt laser measure. I was able to take all the measurements in a short amount of time and saved having to run a tape in some areas that are hard to reach. I definitely recommend this laser measurer. Once you've tried it, you won't go back.”

Janna Bradley’s Top 2 Female Holiday Landscaper Gifts

As COO and co-founder of LMN, Janna is committed to educating the industry and also leads a number of initiatives promoting landscaping as a viable career for women. Janna knows these two gifts would give any lady landscapers holiday cheer.

1. A cozy, yet fashionable shirt she can wear on the job.

Promising outside review: “I love these Duluth Trading shirts. I am a Medium size but have trouble finding shirts in my size that have sleeves long enough for me. These fit perfectly, are warm without being bulky and you can move in them.”

2. If she’s working all day on her feet, then she needs the Stormers boots.

Promising outside review: “These boots are made to work all day with no problems. Comfort and safety are important to me. I will recommend to anyone.”

Top 3 Holiday Gifts for Landscapers From the #LMNVIPs

1. Stanley Genadek recommends putting a CAT portable generator or boots under the tree.

Genadek Landscaping and Excavating is a family-run company that specializes in Retaining walls, Excavation, Demolition and paver installations, but is known in the Twin Cities as pool removal experts! Owner Stanley Genadek says the CAT Mini Portable Generator is top of every landscaper’s holiday wishlist.

Promising outside review: "A portable generator can give you some peace of mind in the face of a devastating storm. You’ll be able to generate power that keeps appliances running and water flowing in your home until power returns."

If you’re looking for a smaller option, Stanley agrees with Mark that the Alaska 2.0 S/T Boot is the best footwear one can ask for in this line of work.

2. Shawn Spencer recommends these trailer racks.

As the owner of Spencer’s Lawn Care in Stark county Ohio and a YouTube channel where his family documents their trials and triumphs as a business, as well as product reviews, appearances and more, Shawn Spencer knows a thing or two about lawn care. He thinks these racks will be the best gift you can give your entrepreneur, because “the tools we use are expensive, and protecting them is key in this business.”

Promising outside review: “They are the best racks I have ever had. They are heavy duty and built to last a lifetime. Customer service is top-notch, so if you were ever to have a problem they will stand behind their products. Some great guys here!”

3. Caleb and Brittany Auman recommend a zip level for a larger ticket item.

With more than 30 years of combined experience in paver patios, retaining walls, ponds, sidewalks, and more, the Auman Landscape owners know what’s going to improve the life of anyone in this business. They think a zip or u level is the best present you could give a landscaper.

Promising outside review: "ZIPLEVEL is an absolute must for any landscape designer, estimator or builder. It instantly provides accurate elevation measurements saving us tens of thousands of dollars by taking the guesswork out of the estimating process, while justifying our recommendations for potential clients."

Looking to Inspire? Here Are the Best Books and Journals You Could Give

1. The Toyota Way explains the management principles and philosophy behind the company’s reputation for quality and reliability.

Promising outside review: “Excellent book! Very insightful and very easy to understand for a beginner. The author has done well to refrain from the use of complicated technical jargon and explain concepts in a straightforward manner. Highly recommended for anyone who's interested in any kind of efficiency in work!”

2. Best Self Journal is the perfect way to tell your entrepreneur you believe in them and want to help them crush their goals.

Promising outside review: “This journal is literally the exact tool I've been looking for. As an entrepreneur I've tried many different journals such as Passion Planner, 10x Planner by Grant Cardone, and your typical Walmart planners… This planner is a combination of both [the 10x Planner and Passion Planner] and has the simplistic spice of the Five Minute Journal. A must-have to increase motivation and productivity! The quality and durability of this planner is where it really shines… Seriously great purchase for anybody trying to up their game.”

Is Your Landscaper a Dog Lover?

Pick up this Caterpillar leash to show them and their furry friend you care.

Promising outside review: “Woof woof! Bark! 4 paws up.”

Whichever you choose, these gifts are sure to excite anyone in the landscaping business.