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A Day In the Life: Oriole Landscaping

Welcome to the start of a new video based series here at LMN, A Day In the Life! From time to time we will sit down with one of our clients to discuss not only how LMN has contributed to their business, but how they find themselves growing in the modern landscape industry.

For this first session, we spoke with George Uvari from Oriole Landscaping.

Q &A with George Urvari from Oriole Landscaping

LMN: When did you start Oriole Landscaping and what triggered your entry into the landscape industry?

George: 1987 – Pure Luck I started the business.

LMN: How did Oriole Landscaping scale the company?

George: At first, we hired great people then we started implementing great systems

LMN: You’ve built a company on efficiencies rather than growth, can you explain how that “efficiency” mindset came to be?

George: I have always been organized, spreadsheets, etc. and physically organized – but unless you have a physical repeatable trainable plan you need to manage the system with Kaizen then LMN the systems manage themselves reducing management costs and a culture of continual improvement.

LMN: Have you always been an organized individual?

George: Personally I am type A so I love stuff neat, tidy and organized.

LMN: How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

George: Great Process, Great End Result….Best Product.

LMN: Where do you see Oriole Landscaping in 10,20,30 years from now?

George: 20% – 30 % Larger perhaps with a more extensive maintenance division and a tree division

LMN: What do you love most about this industry?

George: Doing great creative work and having customers appreciate the work is the most satisfying – I also love Architecture and plants.

LMN: Why is the business to customer relationship so crucial to Oriole Landscaping? e.g., “Turn every customer into a raving fan?”

George: Most of our business is repeat business or referral. Our ideal customer has lots of money and no time for hassles so they can focus on what they do.

LMN: How has technology improved your ability to deliver projects and services to your customers?

George: Email has improved communication and LMN has improved our internal budgeting, pricing and estimating process allowing for fewer people in the office and the ability to work from literally anywhere.

LMN: How has technology changed the culture of your company?

George: Technology for Oriole is like inventing the wheel – it’s just so much easier and faster to get around. No one likes to struggle and no one has to…it’s all there at the click of a mouse.

LMN: Why are communication and the flow of information essential?

George: With great information available to everyone – including the clients, misunderstandings go way down, and everyone is happier. Assumptions are not required.

LMN: What’s it like starting a successful landscaping from nothing and being at the forefront of a competitive industry in the GTA?

George: If I had to start the business today, it would be much harder than it is was with all the new bylaws and red tape. Traffic slows productivity, and it is harder to get talent. It’s so much easier when one does not have to wear a thousand hats and has people and systems to create flow – turn key is where the business works for you rather than visa versa, we are getting close to this point.

LMN: How do you cope with the fast pace environment day to day?

George: Excellent systems and great people and great customers. We Screen hard in our HR to get Care, Curiosity, and Capacity from our staff.

LMN: What does a day look like in George’s shoes?

George: I get up at 6:00 AM lounge around the house until 9:00 – After traffic and meet clients, visit job sites or go to the office. I delegate tasks to meet new clients in our office review designs in our office, do estimates and review schedule daily. Sometimes I estimate from home in the evenings on LMN and also send emails and check daily progress reports from home.

LMN: What is one piece of advice you would give someone starting a landscape company?

George: Get a mentor. Learn to Understand business by either getting an MBA or business degree & or do an LMN workshop. Read books on business.

Behind The Scenes

For more on Oriole Landscaping, please visit their website: http://oriolelandscaping.com/


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